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“Those working in care-giving organisations which are compassionate are more likely to have the emotional resource needed for caring and are less likely to experience burnout.”
Figley, 1995; Lilius et al, 2011

A team’s Compassion Fatigue can be greatly improved by an understanding and supportive Management Team, and a proactive Human Resources department. At EF training, we have seen — many times — the difference that a supportive Management can have on its staff, and the ongoing productivity of its organisation.

We offer Compassion Fatigue Awareness training for frontline staff and for the Management and HR teams that support them. For more details, click here.

There are also some steps you can take to help the wellbeing and mental health of your staff who may be experiencing Compassion Fatigue:

Be aware

Very few members of your team will come to you to discuss their Compassion Fatigue or Vicarious Trauma. Many believe there is a stigma surrounding Mental Health Issues at work, which can make them reluctant to come forward and reveal what they feel is a “weakness”. But despite their silence, they could still be suffering.

To spot silent signs of Compassion Fatigue, use our online assessment tool to discover how your staff might be feeling.

Watch for signs of Compassion Fatigue

Make risk assessing for Compassion Fatigue part of your Annual Appraisals.

In general, be aware of the things and life events your staff are going through which will affect their resilience.

Create an open atmosphere

Provide opportunities for staff to reflect on their work by sharing their experiences with each other and more senior staff and managers.

Promote the concept of professional boundaries. Encourage staff to discuss when these boundaries might be breached and strategies they can use if this happens.

Promote the practice of self-care with all staff and emphasise its importance, work with local providers (for example, gyms and complementary therapists) to offer discounts and incentive schemes to staff.

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If you believe the Management and HR Department of your company would benefit from learning how to manage staff Compassion Fatigue, then read more about our Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training. We can provide bespoke, effective training courses that teach top-level staff how to support their frontline workers.

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of Nurses found Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training a positive experience


of Hospice workers think about work when they’re at home


of Ambulance staff have suffered from illness attributed to the work they do

Recent feedback from our
Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training Courses

“The training has made us all thinking about supporting each other better” Hospice worker

“Fantastic. This should be mandatory. Thanks for the coping strategies” Nurse

Many thanks Jayne, the training really helped me.” Ambulance worker

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