Supporting Frontline Teams

“Compassion Fatigue happens to people in emergency care rooms, chaplains, first responders; any specialty that provides empathic support to other people.”
Lekeisha Sumner, Health Psychology Director

Frontline teams can experience Compassion Fatigue when faced with the daily stresses of working in high-pressure environments. Within teams, there can also be a temptation to minimise the symptoms of mental health issues.

Know if your team is suffering from Compassion Fatigue

EF training realise that monitoring for the signs of Compassion Fatigue is the first step towards managing its effects. We have created a short test that will help you to identify if Compassion Fatigue is affecting your team: you can take the test here. 

Seek help

EF training have worked with frontline teams, and the management that supports them, for many years and have created a full Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training course that delivers realistic, practical and effective solutions.

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of Nurses found Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training a positive experience


of Hospice workers think about work when they’re at home


of Ambulance staff have suffered from illness attributed to the work they do

Recent feedback from our
Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training Courses

“The training has made us all think about supporting each other better.”

Hospice worker

“Fantastic. This should be mandatory. Thanks for the coping strategies.”


“Many thanks Jayne, the training really helped me.”

Ambulance worker

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