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“Because we are in a profession that requires empathy for us to do our job well, we may have a tendency to internalise the emotions and the drama, and we just keep working because it’s what we have to do.”
Sonja Olson, Emergency Clinician

Compassion Fatigue doesn’t just happen to frontline and emergency teams. Its effects can invade an entire organisation. When caring becomes too much, the resulting detachment and withdrawal can influence the whole team, all the way to the very top.

Understanding Compassion Fatigue

The first step in managing and overcoming Compassion Fatigue, is to understand it. For more information, read our guide, “What is Compassion Fatigue?” here.

Compassion Fatigue is not a mental illness; it is the natural consequence of caring for other people who are undergoing tragic experiences. You are not weak if you suffer from Compassion Fatigue, you are simply human.

Compassion Fatigue’s effects on business

A company is only as strong as its staff. When teams begin to experience Compassion Fatigue, their ability to do their job effectively suffers. There can also be an increase in sick days (for physical and mental-health symptoms), and staff leaving their profession altogether.

By managing Compassion Fatigue, Management Teams can improve their organisation’s productivity, and its morale. Understand more about the effects of Compassion Fatigue on business here.

Seek help

At EF training, we have many years’ experience in helping Management Teams to cope with Compassion Fatigue. We create bespoke Training Courses that offer guidance, support and real, practical solutions to Compassion Fatigue and its effects. Find out more about our Training Course here: Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training.

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of Ambulance workers admitted they have felt irritated by their patients


of Emergency Services workers have been told that work could be damaging their health


of Ambulance workers feel guilty when they cannot go into work

Recent feedback from our
Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training Courses

“I’d really expected to just learn about tools for my team but realise how important concentrating on myself first is.” Animal Rescue care worker

“Very thought provoking. I am now aware of the symptoms of compassion fatigue and will be able to recognise them in myself and my colleagues.”

Healthcare worker

“Saying no is not a sign of failure.”


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