Supporting Yourself

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”

If you are suffering from Compassion Fatigue, or you feel you might be at risk, there are simple steps you can take to overcome your Fatigue and rediscover your love for work, your resilience, and your ability to care.

Step One: Awareness

Realising you’re suffering from Compassion Fatigue is the first step towards recovery. Take our quick and simple self-test here. You can also read more about Compassion Fatigue here.

Many people believe they’re prepared for the vicarious trauma they’ll experience when they work in the caring professions. But they overlook the load that repeated vicarious trauma will place on their emotional resilience. It’s natural to be affected by the work that you do every day.

Step Two: Book our training

You are not expected to be able to manage Compassion Fatigue alone. Even if you are a trained medical professional, chances are high that you have not been taught how to cope with your own emotional load.

We know from our results that coming on our Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training course will have a lasting and positive impact on you and your colleagues.

Speak to your manager today and tell them about the training so you can begin to take steps to increase your resilience to the effects of Compassion Fatigue and begin to enjoy your job again.


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of Ambulance workers recognised Compassion Fatigue symptoms in themselves and their colleagues


of Nurses felt their work had changed them as a person


of Hospice workers had heard of Vicarious Trauma

Recent feedback from our
Compassion Fatigue Awareness Training Courses

“I’ve often had certain moods at home which I wouldn’t have connected with work, but this has helped me recognise the cause so hopefully I will deal with it.” Ambulance staff

“Very valuable training. Incredibly relevant. Excellent trainers, very engaging and understanding of our perspectives.” Nurse

“Really useful training day and very relevant to my role, very well taught.” Human care worker

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